Fitness With Tony 

I help people overcome obstacles on their fitness journey.



Unlike most personal trainers, I don't come from a background of sports, the military or anything fancy. I'm a normal person just like you that decided he wanted get fit and build a physique and lifestyle that made me feel good and look good. This is one of the reason why most of my existing clients work with me; because I was once like most of my clients. Fast-forward a few years later, I am now coaching and training 100's of people I was once like in person and online through my app.

When I first started personal training I realised it wasn’t the single hour in the gym but the other 23 hours that dictate your success when it comes to building muscle, losing weight, or getting fit. From the very start of my career, I made it my mission to help clients conquer the other 23 hours and the solution I produced was my own personal approach to helping clients. I call it super accountability. Again, 4+ years later, after helping 100+ clients, I’m here to deliver to you world-class personal training.



Karin F,
Glassbox Digital UK Operations Manager

We had Tony as our corporate PT since the beginning of lockdown, as we wanted to encourage our UK team to move more while working from home, improve their health and at the same time doing something as a team. This is not a simple task working with a group of employees on a different level and age groups. However, Tony has managed it to perfection, with his warm personality, dedication and fab routines he makes every session challenging & somehow fun! I can't recommend him enough for every organisation that is looking to improve the wellbeing and unity of their teams.

Orsi B,
Yoga Instructor

Tony really goes above and beyond, fun workouts, keeping me focused on my goals, pushing me to my limits, while I still know I'm safe and in the hands of a fantastic professional. He's very intuitive about the workouts - when I need to sweat it out and when I need a more settled yet though approach. Love working with Tony and I hope he can change many more lives as he had a seriously positive impact on mine. Get in the zone and work with Tony, highly recommend him.

Laetitia K,

Tony is always smiling and is a friendly, motivated and encouraging trainer who has helped me to gain more confidence in my own abilities and who pushes and motivates me to do more at each session. Just brilliant!Couldn't recommend him enough!

Cosmic D,
care worker

First of all Tony helped me pushing my limits very far. :) -- He is professional and He knows exactly what to do by helping me a lot with my personal motivation. -- We worked together for over 4 months( I lost almost 15 kilograms, the results are visible and it helped me a lot increasing my courage and self-esteem) -- Thank You Tony and don't stop !! :) -- You are The Best!!